Who is the studio workshop for

is a social project for people who need a change of environment, new skills and abilities, the possibility of obtaining permanent or additional income.




- creating a safe, friendly, inspiring space for uniting passionate people in love with life, striving for beauty, development, creative search and creative realization.


Vision of the future:

Designers and fashion designers meet with knitters on a cozy playground. Together, they create products that the community successfully sells in the market for lovers of "things with a soul". Photographers, stylists, models and makeup artists scurry between theorists and practitioners, who arrange photo shoots, reports on social networks (YouTube and Instagram) and help advertise the manufactured products


Order the production of souvenirs and gifts from us


We offer unique souvenirs and handmade gifts.


We will help you resolve the issue of souvenirs and gifts promptly and outside the box at any customer request.


We offer the prompt creation of custom souvenirs and handmade gifts according to your individual requirements, for each of your holidays, events or just a memorable occasion.


Buying souvenirs and gifts from us, you not only acquire a memorable thing, but also provide charitable assistance.


The aim of the studio is to unite knitting lovers.


“Most of all, it is necessary for a person to have somewhere to go,” wrote F. Dostoevsky.


In our studio, beginners, hobbyists, artisans and designers can work, place their products for sale, hold a master class, share information about their work.


Knitting helps relieve stress, soothes and positively affects the functioning of the brain.


Knitting is a contemplative practice of meditation and concentration.


Neurology recognized knitting as a new yoga - so much this hobby affects its fans. Yoga for the Brain ... Sounds very impressive! Memory is trained when performing complex patterns. There is even such a thing as "spoke therapy" - treatment with knitting.


In addition, lonely people will be able to come to us to find communication of interests.


Both closed and very sociable people are engaged in knitting.


Years of knitting make people high-class professionals, true artists. Their products get into contests and numerous exhibitions, many people dream of buying beautiful and extraordinary household items and wardrobe items. High-quality handmade clothes look very good, not every branded thing can compete with it.


Fashionable at different times are very elegant openwork works, then simple and practical, then complex combined ones, combining different performance techniques and styles. You can always be in trend and create wonderful things.


When someone in the family knits, the children learn to knit too. This creates not only the continuity of generations, but also the reason to spend more time with each other. New ideas of young people can be useful for the older generation, and the experience of older people will be useful for children.


Knitting can be a great help as the years pass and people become retirees. A great way to be needed and earn a raise to your pension. It is a good business idea for young people to make handmade items with a local brand. Thus, it is possible to provide earnings for a considerable number of craftsmen and make these items known to a large number of people.