How to support the Creative Association "Let's Tie Together"


Man-heart is the talisman of the Creative Association "Let's Tie Together"
Buy a little man, help the center work.
You can pick up your little man in our center, Gomel, st. Irininskaya, 16, room 4-9 by presenting a receipt for payment


To provide gratuitous assistance - to purchase the mascot of the Creative Association "Let's Bind Together", you can contact our center and at the events in which we and our volunteers participate, as well as from our partners:

Shop "Golden Thimble", Gomel, Sovetskaya st., 30
SP Ocheretnaya O.V. LadyK.by


Thanks for the support!

One more wizard in our city has become more.


Order the production of souvenirs and gifts from us


We offer unique souvenirs and handmade gifts.


We will help you resolve the issue of souvenirs and gifts promptly and outside the box at any customer request.


We offer the prompt creation of custom souvenirs and handmade gifts according to your individual requirements, for each of your holidays, events or just a memorable occasion.


Buying souvenirs and gifts from us, you not only acquire a memorable thing, but also provide charitable assistance.



Creative association "Let's Tie Together"


The creative association "Let's Tie Together" is a platform where we create space for creativity, help to see new opportunities and change the quality of life.
We improve handicraft skills, help in the manufacture of products.
We participate and create charity events and projects ourselves.


You are invited to the project of good mood "Let's Tie Together".
Knitting is creativity.
Knitting is yoga for the mind.
Knitting brings together good people.


Our project invites everyone who knows or wants to learn to knit.
Our project invites everyone who needs to recharge with positive, creative energy.


How to find us:




Address of the Creative Association "Let's Tie Together" of the Gomel City Cultural Center,
Gomel, Central Exhibition Center, Irininskaya str., 16, building 4-9
tel./viber: +375 25 9568601


Do not forget to inform about your arrival in advance
Thank you for understanding



We are waiting for you!



Good Deed


"You will get everything in this world by helping others enough to get what they want."
Ziga Ziglara


This is one of the secrets of rich people and if you put this secret into practice, you can really become much richer.

The desire to help unselfishly is natural for us. Caring for each other makes it possible to survive despite wars, natural disasters and diseases. Children very early begin to distinguish between good and evil and are drawn to those who are kind, according to research psychologist and journalist Daniel Goleman.


In general, only one who transcends his own personality and “reveals meaning in the external world,” believed the creator of logotherapy Viktor Frankl, can live a full life.


By dedicating ourselves to something greater than ourselves, we become happier, our life is filled with impressions and discoveries, we grow as a person. Moreover, such happiness is not threatened by hedonistic adaptation, says the positive psychologist Sonia Lubomirsky.


The joy of buying a new thing (an apartment, a car) passes quite quickly, but the happiness that we have changed someone's life, made the world a better place is experienced sharper and lasts much longer.


When taking any action, one should always try not just to "do something", but to bring benefit, to change the situation for the better.


Everything needs to be learned. This also applies to helping people. If we do not practice this virtue, then it is impossible to cultivate in ourselves generosity and the ability to tactfully, from the bottom of our heart, share with others what we have.


It can be not only material means, but also professional skills, and warmth, care, optimism - exactly what God has given to each of us specifically to help our neighbor.


It is important for us to convey a simple thought:
you don't need to be Angelina Jolie to help people


Proven on our own experience!