Order the production of souvenirs and gifts from us


We offer unique souvenirs and handmade gifts.


We will help you resolve the issue of souvenirs and gifts promptly and outside the box at any customer request.


We offer the prompt creation of custom souvenirs and handmade gifts according to your individual requirements, for each of your holidays, events or just a memorable occasion.


Buying souvenirs and gifts from us, you not only acquire a memorable thing, but also provide charitable assistance.


Адрес: LadyK.by

Тел/Вайбер/Телеграмм: +375 25 9568601

Эл. почта: LadyK@LadyK.by

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Stylists, photographers, makeup artists
We invite you to create joint images and projects


Photo studios, cafes, clubs, designers
We invite you to create joint interior, and not only, masterpieces


Carrier companies, shops and ...
We invite you to issue joint leaflets and conduct promotions


You have an interesting, non-standard idea of ​​cooperation - let's discuss it!