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My name is Natalya,
Natalya Telegin


I’m a master of the Creative Association “Bind Together.”


Most of my life, I thought that creativity is not mine.


I really wanted to draw, but the experience of visiting an art studio in the fourth grade said: "Do not even think!" And once I decided that I would draw with a thread. Embroidered paintings appeared in the interior of my house.


Once a girlfriend shared her hobby - decorating objects using decoupage technique. So I found out that you can use a ready-made drawing to implement your own creative ideas. And it began ... We were going to a bachelorette party and creating, together mastering new techniques, sharing our impressions about materials for creativity, novelties and our technical findings. After about two years of decoupage gatherings, I was brave and took part in the exhibition-sale. And soon she began to cooperate with a store specializing in the sale of handicrafts. My products began to buy.


And still not mine - to sew. I recall how hard it was to give straight lines at labor lessons and that the thread would not “loop”. For many years I have rejected the attempts of acquaintances to “convict” me that I am an inventor and needlewoman. But with the birth of my daughter, I made a lot of educational toys for her (I took ideas in manuals, developing studios, but I did it myself from accessible, improvised materials). Once my husband bought me an electric sewing machine. I was surprised, embarrassed and worried, because I was sure that this thing would just remain unclaimed in the far corner of our house. However, I was very impressed with my husband’s attitude, his faith in me, in my abilities. After all, he did not even doubt that I would succeed! It seems that he believed in me more than myself in myself.


Over time, the circle of acquaintances in one way or another connected with creativity increased. And once our company of craftswomen was invited to participate in a festive event, the main theme of which was linen. I really wanted to be at this holiday with everyone presenting my thematic products! But how, how to combine linen and decoupage ?! Moreover, it was necessary to take into account the pricing policy (after all, decoupage decor is a very laborious and expensive task) ... Then I decided that my products would be eco-bags. The finest hour has come for my sewing machine. Of course, from the moment she appeared in our house, she was not always idle (after all, I learned to sew and even finished special courses), but for so long, much, and often she had not worked.


The first collection of bags and backpacks made of linen fabrics was born in co-creation: the decor in the form of embroidery was applied by my colleague, a craftswoman-embroiderer, and the cut and tailoring was after me. My wish came true: I participated in the celebration and presented thematic products there! Several years have passed since then, but cooperation and joint projects have remained.


I still sew eco bags decorated with embroidery.


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