Ольга Очеретная


My name is Valeriya,
Valeria Child


Knitting is not a hobby for me - this is my life, relaxation, a way to get away from problems and fatigue.


We had to live in a very difficult time: the rapid development of technologies, production, huge flows of information "blow up" minds, new diseases appear, etc. But gradually people realize that not everything in the world is measured in money. Many are switching to bicycles, buying less unnecessary things, finally starting to sort garbage correctly, and also starting to use ecological goods.


I live in harmony with nature. I don't buy plastic bags that don't decompose for years. I knit bags from knitted yarn, weave string bags from natural fabrics, and I do it with a soul, charging my products with energy.


In 2019, I was lucky to become a master of the Creative Association "Tie Together". It turned out that there are a lot of people striving to help. Here came the understanding that I want to create not only for people, but also for the sake of people.


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I am open for cooperation!


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