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We offer unique souvenirs and handmade gifts.


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Lady K ° is a team of passionate people in love with life, who are endowed with enough energy for an endless creative search


Our mission:

creating a positive charged space for uniting people striving for beauty, internal and external, development and endless creative search


Our values:

- trust, benevolence and mutual understanding
- individuality and freedom of creativity of everyone
- environmental friendliness in relations with nature, society


Our vision for the future:

We want to become an elite center for creativity, beauty, health and development.
We want to unite in our center the desire and opportunities to be healthy, look good, develop, enjoy the achievements of civilization, and not spend a lot of time searching.
Here you will find like-minded people, whatever you do.
If suddenly your unusual, rare, interesting, wonderful hobby is not familiar to us, then we will develop this direction TOGETHER.



We are open for cooperation!